Saturday, December 15, 2012

Friday, December 7, 2012

06 will always be one of the favorite moments of my life, that year the world of gaming gave me the best absolute present of all, Gears was borne, and in a rainbow of gore and violence a beautiful play was seen, we fought in a dying world that clung to his humanity by the treads of a few men’s and woman’s that swore to fight their own nightmares every day while trying to keep very real monster at bay
So i thank you Cliffy B, thank u for all the nights without sleep, for the interminable hours you put into your game, for the people you had to swallow to make gears happen, for the disappointments  and capitulations, but mostly for wanting to share your dream with us and allowing it to make it our own.
i just finished seeing the VGA trailer of Judgment and as i watched those 20 something seconds over and over again, i see, in every frame that gears is no more.  That, is not the story or the characters i love, they look plain, like someone forgot to render them okay, lost is the sorrow so deep in their soul you can’t help but seeing it shining thru their eyes every time they see  the holocaust that their lives had become, lost, is their deep pain they feel seeing their world brought to their knees by an enemy they don’t understand or know how to fight, lost is they destroyed beauty of a place it could only exist in the most grandiose dream, for it has never existed a most beautiful place than Sera.
Is a sad sad day, and i hope that some way and somehow you’d be able to make it happen again, i understand that sometimes one has to stand for what ones believe and in art as in war some fights are better won by losing.
So, even if it Gears never happens again the way you imagined, or at least we the fans never get to see it, please remember that all around the world you touched the hearts of millions of people, and that we go with you, wherever you go,
Thank you Brother.. it has been a hell of a ride.

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