Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sorry for taking so long in update the postcard :( Im Swamp
In the mean time i want to share a the beautiful work of a fellow artist
Raindropmemory   is a Thailand based artist that is only
"trying to develop feeling of relaxing and calming, 
whenever, wherever, to whoever saw my art"  and boy does he accomplishes that 
Judge for yourself and be shure to check out hes Icons designs They are unique and a must
in all my personal folders :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hello Guys 
I ve  been bussy with my Graphic Design Job lately (i need to pay the bills somehow :)
and i havent been able to update a few works that are done 
Check again tonight for i will upload my goldfish postcard as a free template :)

In the meantime Check this beautiful 2013 calendar from Wannathis 

(For the ones that just need to have it now this is the link to an Ebay store that has them on stock)

Beauty and the Beast Concept Art by Karl Simon

In light of the recent Blockbuster adaptation of The Beauty and the Beast i though to bring an unique interpretation of the classic storybo...